© 2011 Eileen Brand evilchrist

Quill them All: Evil Christmas: Bear Vs. Little Girl

Medium: Watercolor, Pencil & Ink on Paper
Size: 5 x 5
Year: 2011

This year I was invited to be apart of a blog entitled Quill them All, which is the brain child of Rick Holland & Kris Hedley.  It is a format where a group of illustrators come up with a theme and each artist supplies an illustration by the 15th of the month.  This month we went with Evil Christmas and boy was I excited.  Every day I drive past this amazing tree stump by the Wallkill River that is shaped like a bear.  I then created this story where a little girl alone in the woods has this bear come out of nowhere and takes her dolly.  Here they are frozen in fear and silent madness.

To view more of the blog: please visit: http://quillthemall.blogspot.com/