© 2012 Eileen Brand heratogold

Quill them All: Favorite Song

Medium: Black & White Photographs & Acrylic
Size: 6 x 9

One of favorite songs is Heart of Gold by Neil Young. It was the song I danced to with my father at my wedding. Once on a mix tape my dad recorded this song twice in a row, because I always complained that Neil Young made it too short and it needed to be longer.   I love to sing this song and inevitably every time I end up crying, especially at the part “that keep me searching for a heart of gold and I’m getting old.”  The photos in this collage were taken my great uncle Jack, who was quite the photographer.  I was intrigued by these series of photos from a wedding that he took.  I know idea who any of the people are in these pictures but was drawn to putting them together.
Everyday I’m still searching for a heart of gold out there and I’ve been lucky to found quite a number of you.

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