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The Party is Over (Detail)

Medium: Housepaint, Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas
Size: 10 x 10
Year: 2011

Sale: $150 ea./(2) $100 ea,/Entire Series: $1600.

In November 2011, I was selected to be in a three person show at KMOCA in Kingston, NY along with Ezerd & Lora Shelley.  We entitled our show Gravity.  For this show I created 19, 10″ x 10″ paintings entitled The Party is Over.  Below is a snippet of the press release about my work in the show:

“Gravity” features the works of three artists who to some extent have all created dreamworlds. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes emotional, there is often a soft quality or slight sense of humor that brings them back to earth.
Eileen Hedley presents a series of acrylic-on-canvas paintings. Depicting red balloons barely hovering in front of sparse backgrounds, they evoke the sentiment that “the party is over.” It might be just the end of an evening, Hedley suggests, or maybe the end of a way of life.
For more information about KMOCA: http://www.kmoca.org/about.html
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