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Winter Bliss

Medium: Foam core, cut paper, colored pencil, beads
Size: 10 x 6 x 4
Year: 2011

Sale: $100

In November 2011, I was selected to be apart of Team Love Ravenhouse Gallery’s Tiny Winters Diorama show at their Gallery.   For this show I was greatly inspired and excited to make a diorama, I hadn’t made one since grade school and it was beyond thrilling to make this work.  In this piece is the Hedley family exploring the winter terrain with one another complete with boxheads in the sky.

To see my link for this show please visit: http://www.tl-rh.com/current-exhibition/hedley/

And also check out my buddies: Nelly & Nate at Team Love Ravenhouse Gallery in New Paltz: http://www.tl-rh.com/